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These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are between the individual using the Web based service at www.clinic.today (“clinic.today”) and www.clinictoday.ca ("clinictoday.ca") and Clinic Today, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Clinic Today”). Your use of clinic.today and/or clinictoday.ca is subject to the terms and conditions stated below. 

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1)  Privacy Policy

Clinic.today is designed to help you identify a walk-in or urgent care clinic (a “Clinic”) available in your area, and to schedule a visit with the Clinic.  Clinic.today does not provide health care services and does not collect health related information.

This section describes the information collected by clinic.today, how that information is used, and the conditions under which we may share that information with Clinics and with unrelated third parties.

(a) Your general location:  If you are using a device with the location services enabled, clinic.today will use the location service to establish your location at the time of your search request.  If you are using a device that does not have the location services enabled, then you will be prompted to provide your zip code or other location information as part of your search request.  Clinic.today uses location information to identify Clinics in your general area.

(b)  Name and Phone Number:  If you elect to establish a communication with a Clinic using clinic.today, you will be required to submit your name, email address, and possibly a mobile phone number.  The Clinic will use your name and address to establish a place on its waiting or visit list.  Clinic.today and the Clinic will use your mobile phone number and email address to communicate with you about your Clinic visit.  Communications will generally be made by text or email message. 

(c) Redirect to Clinic’s pre-visit site:  Your search results may include Clinics that manage their pre-visit communications with you directly rather than using the clinic.today service.  If you select such a Clinic from your results, you will be re-directed from the clinic.today site to the Clinic’s site.  Any information you provide after you are re-directed to the Clinic’s site is collected solely by the Clinic, and not clinic.today.  You should read the Clinic’s posted privacy policy to understand what information the Clinic collects, how it uses the information, and whether it shares the information with others.

(d) Communications:  Clinic.today includes a feature that permits text and email communication with a Clinic.  We do not view, use or store the content of these communications, but we will capture the “metadata” generated by your communications, such as the time of the communication, mobile phone number, email address, and identity of the Clinic with which you have communicated. 

(e) User Surveys and Other Input:  We may ask you for your opinion of the clinic.today service or a Clinic via an email, Web form, or other online means.  If you elect to respond to our request, you agree that we may use the information you provide to improve our services and marketing strategies generally, and may share the information you provide about a Clinic with the Clinic.  You should read the Clinic’s posted privacy policy to understand their policies for the use and further disclosure of this information.  If you submit your information via a clinic.today online forum then you agree that clinic.today may publish the information you submit on the clinic.today site.

(f) Other Information:  our Web server will capture your IP address, the time and duration of your visit, and the pages on clinic.today that your visit.  It may also collect information about your browser, device, location and other information of the type collected by web servers generally.  We may also use web analytics tools to capture information about your use of clinic.today, such as mouse clicks and scrolling activity.  Clinic.today does not share this type of information with the Clinic and does not tie this information to any personally identifying information it may have about you.   Clinic.today does not use “cookies,” “web beacons” or other techniques to identify you or your browser to your activity on clinic.today.


Clinic.today will use the information described above only for the purpose of providing the clinic.today service and improving its services and marketing strategies generally.  Clinic.today may also use your email address to send you messages asking about your experience with clinic.today or a Clinic, or to provide you with information relevant to your use of the clinic.today service, such as clinic.today’s services offerings or third party offerings.


Clinic.today will not share the information with others except the Clinic, as described above, and in the following limited circumstances:

(1) To protect clinic.today and others. We may release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law or to protect the rights and safety of others. This may include exchanging information with law enforcement agencies.

(2) To persons who help us provide our products and services to you. We may provide personal and other information to third parties who work for us, such as companies that analyze customer data and provide marketing services. We do not permit these persons to use this information for any other purpose.

(3) As part of a sale of our assets or a merger of our company. We may in the future sell all or part of our assets or be involved in a merger. It is customary for user information to be included with the transferred assets in these types of transactions.


The Clinic’s further use and disclosure of information you provide to them via clinic.today is subject to applicable law and the Clinic’s privacy policy and terms of use.  You agree that Clinic Today has no liability in connection with the use or misuse of your information by a Clinic.


Clinic.today is not intended for use by children, and clinic.today will not knowingly collect any information about children. 


2)  Terms of Use


Clinic.today is not designed for emergency situations. Your visit to the site does not trigger obligations under law for the treatment of emergency conditions.


Clinic.today does not provide health care services.  Clinic.today is designed to help you identify a Clinic available in your area, and to schedule a visit with the Clinic. 


Clinic Today does not endorse any Clinic or provide any information about the care you might receive at any Clinic.  You are responsible for making appropriate inquiries into the credentials, specialties, facilities, charges, insurance acceptance, and other qualifications of the Clinic you select, and its suitability for your particular needs.


Not all Clinics have MD’s on staff at all hours, and may rely on Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants.  You should check with the Clinic to understand how the Clinic is staffed.


Clinic.today includes information about Clinics that subscribe to the clinic.today service and other clinics near you.  Not every Clinic in your area is listed. 


Your use of clinic.today does not establish a patient relationship with the Clinic.  You must establish a patient relationship directly with the Clinic and separately from your use of clinic.today.  


Information about wait times, hours of operation, services, and other facts about Clinics that is presented on clinic.today is provided by the Clinics.  Clinic.today does not verify the accuracy of the information and does not guaranty that the information is accurate.


You may use the clinic.today service without charge.  The Clinics will provide you information about their charges for their health care services. Clinic.today is not affiliated with any Clinic.  Some of the Clinics that we identify in our search results are our subscribers and pay us a fixed monthly fee to be listed on the service.  We do not receive any fee from the Clinics or other person that is tied to your choice to use a subscriber Clinic.


You must be an adult (18 years or older) to use clinic.today.


You may use clinic.today for yourself, a family member, or another individual with whom you have a personal, family, or household relationship.  You may not use clinic.today as part of any business activity. 


Clinic.today includes a feature that permits text and email communication with a Clinic.  You may use the communications feature to facilitate your visit to the Clinic.  You may not use the communications feature to share health information with the Clinic.  If you wish to share health information with the Clinic prior to your visit, you should provide this information by calling the Clinic or using other means provided by the Clinic.


3)  Links to Other Sites


The clinic.today site includes links to the Clinic websites and other websites.  These links are provided for your convenience.  Clinic Today does not endorse any of these sites, or the information, products or services available at these sites.  These sites may contain information that is inaccurate, objectionable or unlawful.  You agree that Clinic Today is not responsible for these sites and is not liable to you for any issue that may arise in connection with your use of these sites.   


4)  Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability


Clinic.today is provided AS IS


Clinic Today makes no representation or warranty whatsoever about clinic.today, and disclaims any implied warranties, such as any implied warranty of merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, or any implied warranty that may arise through a course of dealing.  If applicable law prohibits the disclaimer of any warranty disclaimed in this section, then that warranty is made for a period of ten (10) days.


You agree that none of  Clinic Today or its officers, employees or other personnel will be liable to you for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential loss or damage of any kind arising in connection with your use of clinic.today, even if they have been advised of or should be aware of the possibility of such damages, and that in any event the maximum aggregate liability of any of them for direct damages shall not exceed fifty dollars ($50.00). 


You acknowledge that Clinic Today provides clinic.today in reliance on the limitations of remedies and liability stated above.  You agree that these limitations apply to any liability arising from any cause of action whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, commercial code, strict liability or otherwise, even if a limited remedy fails of its essential purpose. Nothing in this Subsection precludes a party from seeking specific enforcement, injunctive relief or other equitable remedy. If these limitations as written are not permitted by applicable law, they shall apply to the extent permitted by applicable law.


5)  Other Terms


a)  Interpretation of Certain Words.  The word “you” and “your” and any possessive or other form of the words refers to the individual user of this clinic.today service.  The term “person” refers to any legal person, and may mean a natural person (individual), a legally created person (such as an entity, trustee, or executor), or an entity (such as a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company). 

b)  Governing Law, Disputes.  This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use is governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Texas, without giving effect to any conflicts of law principles that would require the application of the law of a different jurisdiction.  You agree that if you bring any claim related to your use of clinic.today, you will bring it in a court sitting in Bexar County, Texas.  You agree that you will not file a lawsuit or other legal action in connection with your use of the clinic.today service unless you have first contacted clinic.today and attempted to resolve the dispute through good faith negotiation.  To the extent permitted by law, each of us waives the right to a trial by jury in respect of any litigation arising out of this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or your use of the clinic.today service. 

c)  Other.  In the event one or more of the terms of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are adjudicated invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the adjudicating body may either interpret this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as if such terms had not been included, or may reform such terms to the limited extent necessary to make them valid, legal or enforceable, consistent with the economic and legal incentives underlying the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. No right or remedy arising in connection with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use shall be waived by a course of dealing between the parties, or a party’s delay in exercising the right or remedy.  A party may waive a right or remedy only by signing a written document that expressly identifies the right or remedy waived.  Unless expressly stated in the waiver, a waiver of any right or remedy on one occasion will not be deemed a waiver of that right or remedy on any other occasion, or a waiver of any other right or remedy.


This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use is the complete and exclusive agreement between you and Clinic Today regarding your use of the clinic.today and or clinictoday.ca services and supersedes and replaces in its entirety any prior or contemporaneous agreement or understanding regarding your use of the clinic.today and or clinictoday.ca service, whether written or oral.